We are currently under construction

We are about 40% done with the website

What we have finished

  • The main website design
  • User database
  • Some basic static content

What we are working on

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Account Settings
  • Inbox Messaging

What is missing

  • Back-end
  • Chat Page (Undecided on client)
  • Some Dynamic elements

About us

UKChatterbox2 is a purpose-built replacement for UKCB2, we don't claim to be UKCB, or affiliated with it in any way. Nor are, or will we be another website down the line once we're established, unlike a few who suddenly removed all references to being a UKCB alternative once they'd grabbed a few hundred users.

So now we've been straight and more honest than UKCB's administrators were over a 8 year period, let us explain why we're here...

There's numerous sites and forums where the hole left by UKCB in some peoples online time is apparent, some made long-term friends and only communicated via it, others logged in as habitually as they would with MSN or now Skype/Facebook. UKChatterbox2 aims to fill the void with added features, security and a constant desire to improve.
Using the latest web standards combined with modern IRC (chat) software, we will deliver a fast, stable and secure service that works on all browsers and devices, no more Java/Flash dependencies.


Contact information


Designer street 21220

210399 graphicwood

United States